Our commitment to Youth

Srushti started two decades ago, built on the foundation of enabling youth as Social Innovators impacting education of rural children. In 2011, Srushti Degree College was established, aiming to contribute to society by providing students from all classes  access to Higher Education, where their aspirations, innovative and entrepreneurial spirit with co-creative leadership skills are nurtured. Students get educated holistically within a campus where they flourish, preparing themselves for careers and purposeful living to impact themselves, society, and the environment

Vision : Co-Create a Better Future

We prepare students as:

Life-long learners. Innovative leaders. Socially responsible citizens.


We design open spaces for learning communities to Listen, Dialog to Co-create a shared understanding on difficult topics. Students learn to appreciate diverse viewpoints, integrate them creatively to develop a new understanding and build social connections. Learning happens Joyfully.  

Students get a transformational Learning Experience.

Why Choose Srushti ?

Create your future @ Srushti

Students use Design Thinking methods to come up with innovative IDEA’s to tackle Challenging issues which can impact lives beyond themselves. We prepare students holistically as Creative Thinkers, Passionate doers & positive impact makers.


It’s an exciting journey of self-discovery. Students  find their interests, strengths,  build competencies, map career opportunities to make the right career choices at placement drive. College placement drive help students get their dream jobs. 


 Entrepreneurial students get an opportunity to present their business Idea’s  at the yearly Startup event. They get funding & incubation support, which includes mentoring from national and international  VC’s & entrepreneurs. 

Social Innovation

Youth Social Innovation conference is where students tackle a design challenge and present innovative IDEA’s to co-create student flourishing on campus and listen to other students across India and get inspired.


  • Fees at Srushti is affordable, making  holistic education accessible  to all students.
  • Scholarships are provided to students who are meritorious and needy. 
  • Process:
    • Apply for scholarship during admissions 
    • Attend interview with Principal
    • Assessment of merit and need
    • Decision of part or full  scholarship will be communicated within 1 week of application.

Campus life - Student Self-Governance

  • Student Self Governance committees is selected every year by students & faculty. They  actively participate in the  learning, development and wellbeing of their peers.


  • They learn democratic ways of working together with all.


  • While they have freedom to initiate meaningful activities, they have to be responsible


  • Active student members get free training in co-creative leadership skills by experts, using the Gallup Strengths Finder program.

What our students say

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