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Students are trained in arts & design thinking, to build their creative & innovative problem solving mindset.

Culture - Explore. Engage. Evolve

The new era ushers in an environment that rewards the entrepreneurs, innovators, the artists who are the creators of a new and better world, as the name SRUSHTI stands for. It is time that your education enables you to create your future.

We aim to provide, “open spaces for creating better futures”, to facilitate dialog in our community of learners, which includes students, faculty, staff and management. They will engage in expanding the horizons of the mind through fearless inquiry, integrate diverse perspectives to build a new insight and find innovative solutions for complex challenges, which drives a collective action to resolve it. A shared understanding for action, is built on deep trusting and dialogical relationships, which are based on integrity, and an environment of freedom with responsibility towards oneself and others. Arts processes plays a crucial role to build humane attitude, where collaboration is preferred over competition. In such a vibrant and dynamic environment, education is then, human flourishing.

Events at Srushti

College day is to be conducted on May 2019. Prizes for outstanding students of 3rd year will be recognised. College day
JOB FAIR was organised with Safal & Titan, on April 10th 2019. There 100% placement of final year students in HDFC, Bridge HR Pvt Ltd, Ossisto, Assort Staffing, Calibar HR, Greet Technologies. Placement drive
Interaction with Prof. Rajaram, and students of Earlham College, USA and lively interaction between 2 groups of students trying to understand each other’s cultures. Prof. Dr. Saraswathi Darden school of Business, UVA, USA, on Jan 12, 2018 - Workshop on Effectuation International Student Collaboration
Youth Social Innovation Conference- YSI-2019 was held on 23rd February 2019. We recognised winners of SRUSHTI IDEA CHALLENGE- 2018, as Youth social innovators who shared case study of their innovative model, to solve a problem from dishonesty. Youth Social Innovation Conference
Srushti Kalanubhava Fest - 22-February 2019, organised by our students, had 300 students from 15 colleges, participating in all art events, on the Theme : Columbus - Finding yourself in relation to world around you. Arts & Culture Club
Move from IDEA to ACTION, 3 day workshop on Co-create Design thinking for students from 5 colleges, who were winners of Srushti Idea Challenge - 2018. Principal conducted the workshop on, a process used at Stanford D school on 2nd, 3rd August & 1st September, 2019. Co-create Design Thinking Workshop
Inauguration of SRUSHTI - Rasaa, a space for creative collaborations and Arts & Design workshops, where we envision to bring together creative people who are artists, designer, academicians, students, adults. Srusthi Rasaa - Creative Collaborations
A very active sports club, organised 2 day sports event on All students actively participated in Cricket, Kabbadi, volley ball. The highlight was girl’s active participation of Kabbadi event. Sports club

Holistic understanding - You learn how to think, through inquiry, with a readiness to engage with real world, connecting theory and practice, self and others through dialogs.

Academics - Life-long learning

Our educational is based on an integrated approach to give a transformational learning experience, which will inspire action.

The core of our teaching is focused on how to think than only what to think. Our students will learn how to engage into deep inquiry, integrate theory and practice, collaborate across disciplines, people and time to build a holistic understanding using their senses, intellect and emotions. Students learn to construct knowledge, by engaging in real world problems, thereby also learn to solve them. Building holistic understanding & and problem solving mid-set to take action to resolve issues, is the outcome we expect through our educational experience. Read More

"I had the most fun of my life, while learning at Srushti. We developed a problem solving mindset through the design thinking programs. Srushti is like a family that nurtures you, builds your confidence and prepares you for life ahead." - Hemalatha 1st year, B.Com, student

Student Life - Responsible Citizens

Student leadership through self-Governance - You have a vibrant and dynamic environment to participate, freedom to take initiative, while being responsible for your actions.

Srushti is committed to prepare students as responsible citizens, with integrity, humane outlook, innovative thinking and an action bias and with a curiosity to learn. It aims to build these qualities through a focus on Self-development, aimed enabling one to take agency for their learning and growing. This is done through Self-knowledge, self-development and self-Governance.

Student self Governance is a unique feature of student life at the college. The idea behind this, is to make the young become responsible for their actions, decisions they take, thereby enabling to become responsible for work place and society. In most matters of the functioning of the college, students participate to decide and take action on what they want to do in the college. They take responsibility for providing peer support in all matters concerning them. They are guided and supported by members of the college faculty.
Student clubs are initiated and run by students.
Mental wellbeing of students is an important focus, for which professional support is provided.

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Students Life

What our alumni say

“We got to hear Saras Maam, professor at University of Virginia. She started out just like us, in a small town, and today she is a professor at one of the best universities in the world. Her story of entrepreneurship, was so inspiring to us. She talked about investment which is not just money, but it’s our time, passion, skills, knowledge. Only at Srushti, do we get the opportunity to meet and interact with such people.”

Rekha, 2015-18 batch. Job Offer at SBI Bank

Srusti is a small family and I am happy to be part of it. I am now working in ICICI bank as a Marketing Executive in Bellary District. I come from Sindanoor Taluk, from Bellary District. I got confidence from activities at Srusti college, which gave exposure to industry. My communication skills, learned at Srusti, has helps me in my marketing. Thank all my teachers for encouragement and support.

Virupaksha - 2011-14 Batch Senior Officer ICICI

I’m SRIDEVI D belonging to Raichur, Hatti gold mines, pursing my MBA in M.S. RAMAIAH. Srusti is the place where opportunities are plenty - to explore your ideas, thoughts, views etc. I learned many things which support my life journey. These are - Push yourself there is no limit to your dreams, Can do spirit, and Never give up. Srushti teaches you that it is ok to fall, & in case if you fall it teaches you how get up and stand, and face the world. Blessed to be a part of Srusti.

Sridevi - 2012- 15 BatchMBA, M.S.Ramiah College, Cognizant

Placement drive at college, helps students to get jobs, while they are in college.

Career and entrepreneurship - innovative leaders

Career readiness program : Career preparation starts from the first day of college The curriculum is planned to integrating theory with real world experience. The students get vocational training in communication skills, computer skills, Tally and Retail Marketing. Our learning process prepares students for workplace. Faculty at Srushti, who have both academic and industry experience will mentor students and guide them to choose a career based on their interest and potential.

81 % of our Alumni have been placed in reputed companies -

Entrepreneur development program : - 22% students have tried entrepreneurial ventures.
Innovative ideas and action -

Nurturing entrepreneurial spirit happens throughout student’s college life. There are a number of opportunities for self –governance, club activities, intercollege fests, etc, where students face a number of challenges which needs innovative solutions and taking action to resolve them. This develops their entrepreneurial capacity. .Read More

Small college with big dreams

About Us

Srushti family is a small, friendly, caring and happy community of learners which includes students, faculty, management, staff and alumni. Our ways of working is collegial, where relationships are built on a foundation of trust and integrity. There is space for everyone to participate with innovative solutions and take collaborative action to make life better.
Vision : “Youth create better futures ”

Our background

Srushti, registered as an educational trust in 2001, is committed to the development and education of young people. For last 15 years, we have worked extensively with young people in schools and colleges, across Karnataka enabling young to spearhead change for their peers. Srushti Degree College, is an extension of nurturing this innovative and entrepreneurial spirit in the young .Srushti degree college is affiliated to Bangalore University. Read More

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