Responsible citizens

Srushti is committed to prepare students as responsible citizens, with integrity, humane outlook, innovative thinking and an action bias and with a curiosity to learn.

It aims to build these qualities through a focus on Self-development, aimed enabling one to take agency for their learning and growing, which happens through Self-knowledge, self-development and self-governance. Besides students participate in a number club activities which are completely driven by the students. Mental wellbeing is an important aspect of student’s life, for which professional support is provided.

Student self Governance

Student self Governance is an important aspect of student life at the college.

The idea behind this, is to make the young become responsible for their actions, the decisions they take, thereby instilling a sense of sincerity for work place and society. In most matters of the functioning of the college, students participate to decide and take action on what they want to do in the college. They take responsibility for providing peer support in all matters concerning them. They are guided and supported by members of the college faculty.

Self development of our learning community through following processes –

Self-knowledge and self development -

Knowing oneself and building connections with self,others and environment and taking responsibility for one’s development is the core of our engagement for development.

This is done through an engagement in yoga and meditation and arts engagement.

Peer – development of learning community, is shared both individually and collective responsibility.

Student well being

Student well being is an important aspect of the student life. Students going through a difficult time, are identified and provided support by their peers and professional counsellors.

Student clubs

Student clubs are initiated and run by students. Students can be members and contribute to these clubs –

  • Self-Governance committee
  • Srushti Entrepreneur club
  • Srushti arts & culture club
  • Srushti sports clubs
  • Srushti Youth social innovation club

Srushti student clubs - College provides innumerable opportunities to take initiative and build leadership skills through engagement in activities.

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