Srushti Degree College, began with a bold experiment of Student Self-Governance, providing responsibility & authority to students, to participate in their learning & development, to run their affairs, make rules, handle peer issues, conduct student-run programs.

Students experience democratic ways of living in the community of learners,  through the following activities:

  • Honour Code
  • Knowing oneself

Open spaces to Co-create

  • Student Council Members
  • Student Self Governance

Honour Code: 

On the first day of college, students are acquainted with the Srushti Culture of creating meaningful learning experiences and meaningful relationships. This can happen only in an environment of integrity, where there is a sense of freedom to express, people who can be true to themselves, and there is strong encouragement of innovative ideas.

This happens by every student taking a pledge, that “I will not cheat, lie, steal or abuse others”.

In case of violation of this pledge, the student Self Governance team is authorized to take appropriate action.

Knowing Oneself:

Meditation is a very critical activity at SRUSHTI, where students learn to get in touch with themselves for 5 minutes.

Constant review & improvement through self-reflection is regular practice at the college, be it academics, or student-driven activities.

It helps students to get in touch with themselves, reflect to unlearn, learn and relearn.

Open spaces to Co-create:

Open space meetings to listen understand and cocreate, is a regular feature at SRUSHTI, adopted by our learning community, to sort out issues and build consensus, when in doubt. Our community of learners includes all members of the college, where students play an important role.

At the open space meetings, students, participate to have dialogs, with self, peers, faculty, to co-create a meaningful learning environment. They develop sensitivities to the problems around them, understand them from different perspectives, and work towards finding creative, practical solutions.

Student Council Members:

It’s a great pride to be a student council member at Srushti Degree college.

Students have an important role to play, as all activities of college and clubs are student-driven. All student council members are selected in pairs and called coordinators in charge of one responsibility.

Student council members are selected through nominations of students along with faculty.

Student Self Governance:

This position is the most prestigious position at the college.

A 5 member student team is selected, by Management, Principal, and faculty, based on their capacity for empathy, maturity, emotional balance, and a strong sense of equality and justice, and integrity.

As a member of this team, they have to handle the concerns of students regarding their learning & development and solve them while keeping in the best interests of students’ well-being.

Students have shown a remarkable capacity to make mature decisions and implemented them with peers, which would have otherwise been difficult.



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