Learning based on NEP-2020 policy

Learning: Freedom of choice, Project-based, Inter-disciplinary & Research inquiry to co-create innovations

Our learning processes are in sync with the new NEP policy ( National Education Policy – 2020) Our learning provides freedom for students to choose subjects of their interest in which students can build a strong foundation of knowledge and competencies.  The students learn through a project-based approach, helping them to apply knowledge. Exposing them to interdisciplinary & research inquiry helps them co-create innovative ideas, making their learning more meaningful.

Our key principles :

At Srushti, learning takes place based on the following principles :

  • Excellence in academics: Students make their choice of subjects, which are taught by experienced faculty to build conceptual knowledge in every discipline. Their curiosity to know is carefully nurtured through academic discipline and projects. Students develop the academic rigor required for education. Students develop the academic rigor required for education.
  • Project-based Learning: Through a DO & LEARN project-based approach, students develop an understanding of theory in practice. Students take up mini-projects in all disciplines, do internships, passion projects, entrepreneurship projects, and Youth Social Innovation projects. All of this helps students to develop competencies.
  • Interdisciplinary learning: Students are given group projects and problems to solve, which need multiple perspectives to inquire and tackle. Students learn to appreciate diverse viewpoints, integrating them to arrive at a decision.
  • Research Inquiry: These projects kindle the curiosity of students to inquire deeper and research topics of their interest which is guided by relevant faculty.
  • Open space to Co-create student flourishing: Designing open spaces to bring together the learning community of students and faculty, to engage in improving the learning & flourishing of each other. This is a constant endeavor at Srushti, to allow new possibilities to emerge. Peer learning is practiced to enable students to learn from each other.
  • The environment of Freedom, Aesthetics & Ethics: Student Flourishing can happen only in such an environment. Students learn in a beautiful environment, which triggers the learning community to build harmonious relationships with self, others, and surroundings. Ethical engagement is practiced with a focus on self-evaluation, and self-discovery to build integrity, which is necessary for any learning to happen. All this happens in an environment of freedom to make choices of subjects of their interest  and be responsible for them.

At the heart of all these processes, is to help the student discover their lifelong purpose, around which they develop their career, helping them serve a larger goal than themselves.

Project-based learning: Our students undertake several projects throughout 3 years of their education which prepares them to build knowledge & it’s practical application in real-time situations. They build competencies .

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