Innovative leaders

Students will be engaged in finding innovative solutions to various challenges they face in student driven activities of the college, which nurtures their leadership qualities. Besides through training in career readiness and entrepreneur development programs, they develop as innovative leaders.

From Idea to action ( Art.Design.Innovation Program )

The students develop their creative and innovative problem solving mind-set.
Students are trained in Art.Design.Innovation program. This program, helps students to engage in a real problem faced by them, understand their issues using arts processes. Define their problem, and brain storm to find solutions. This leads to prototyping and testing their idea.

Career readiness program

Career preparation starts from the first day of college The curriculum is planned to integrating theory with real world experience. Our learning process prepares students for workplace. Faculty at Srushti, who have both academic and industry experience will mentor students and guide them to choose a career based on their interest and potential.

Career readiness program – career preparation starts from the first day of college

  • The career readiness program is conducted throughout the 3 years of education.
  • Training in computer, soft skills, resume preparation and mock interviews are conducted.
  • Bridging gap between theory and practice, guest lectures, industry visits, internships prepares the student for work place.
  • Placement interviews are held in the college campus to help students get jobs

81 % of our Alumni have been placed in Reputed companies

Entrepreneur development program - 22% of our students have tried entrepreneurial ventures

Nurturing entrepreneurial spirit happens throughout student’s college life. There are a number of opportunities for students to participate in student driven activities, face challenges, find innovative solutions and take action to resolve them. This develops their spirit for innovative ideas and action, entrepreneurial thinking.

During their course students as a team, engage in an entrepreneurial project. This gives them an experiential understanding of the complexities of running an entrepreneurial venture, helping them to learn from their success and failures.

To nurture this entrepreneurial spirit the college conducts inter college Entrepreneurial fests, to inspire students.