BA – Bachelor of Arts in Journalism

The Bachelor of Arts in  Journalism  is a  3  year Undergraduate  program or 4 year Honor’s program, with Journalism, Psychology and Communicative English as the core subjects.

Today we live in a world of media, which involves not only news about the world, but also of our family , friends and ourselves. Everyone uses digital media to communicate. Media is a fast expanding, demanding creativity and technical expertise and speed,  to be seen & heard. You can learn to face the challenges in the Media Industry. You can learn basics of news reporting, editing , production. You can gain experience in producing news papers, television news and radio broadcasts, online news, advertisements, documentaries in our media labs.

At Srushti Degree College, you will learn theory of media and also hands on practical training in all aspects of media Industry. As project based learning and design thinking is part of our processes, you will get opportunities to express creatively and effectively to reach your audience. There will be many hands on projects which will help you to explore your creativity at campus.

Eligibility :  PUC or + 2 in any discipline from a recognized Board, Students should have a  talent for drawing and sketching and imagination.

Course details :

  1. Introduction to communication and media
  2. Print Media
  3. Audio Visual Media
  4. Media Laws
  5. Reporting
  6. Editing
  7. Media Management
  8. Advertising and Public Relation
  9. Media Issues and Development
  10. Communication Theories.

Career opportunities :

  1.  News reporting
  2.  News editing
  3.  Journalism & creative writing
  4.  News paper and magazine design
  5. Television news production
  6.  Basics of radio production
  7.  Mobile journalism
  8.  Online Journalism
  9.  Advertising and public relations
  10.  Photojournalism



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