About Us

We are a community of learners, with an integrated view of life, driven with innovative ideas to act upon, to create better futures for themselves and others.

Srushti family is a small, friendly, caring and happy community of learners which includes students, faculty, management, staff and alumni. Our ways of working is collegial, where relationships are built on a foundation of trust and integrity. There is space for everyone to participate with innovative solutions and take collaborative action to make life better.

Vision : “Young create better futures.”

We aim to achieve this through –
  • Our education, which is based on an integrated approach to give a transformational learning experience.
  • Designing dialogical “open spaces for creating new futures”, using arts processes, to find innovative solutions and action.
  • Youth development programs to preparing young, as life-long learners, innovative leaders and responsible citizens.
  • Supporting our faculty for achieving excellence in teaching.
  • Exploring and integrating knowledge through research, which can be disseminated.

Srushti Degree College is affiliated to Bangalore University.

Our faculty are professionals from diverse disciplines, educationists, corporates and social workers and artists. They are committed to the development of young people, by making education meaningful for them, so that they can excel in their careers and contribute to nation building. Our education is based on an integrated approach for a transformational learning experience. The teaching learning practices at the college are student centric, aimed at building in them curiosity to know & seek excellence and as life-long learners. Self-Governance is another unique factor in our college which provides students an opportunity to take initiative and leadership qualities. Engagement in any form of arts aids these processes of dialog and understanding each other with empathy.

All these activities will prepare our students as innovative leaders in their careers, and responsible citizens with a life purpose.

Our special focus is on holistic development of every student in their academic, physical, and social and spiritual development. The concept of knowing oneself, taking responsibility for one’s growth, while also of their community, they belong to, is based on the idea of human flourishing through education.

Background –

Srusti was registered as an educational trust in 2001, by like minded people, who are committed to the education and development of economically disadvantaged children and youth from backward rural areas. For last 15 years, we have worked extensively with young people in schools and colleges, across Karnataka enabling young to spearhead educational change for themselves and their peers. Srushti Degree College, started in 2011, is an extension of nurturing this innovative and entrepreneurial spirit in the young.

We do this by enabling young to create better futures, in the context of their education. We have engaged the young in arts processes, to design open spaces for creating better futures, through dialogs with stakeholders and collective action for change. Srusti has worked in more than 500 backward rural villages of North Karnataka , on various education and developmental issues of young people, through long term projects spanning more than 5 years. Some of the projects are inclusive education in collaboration with SSA Karnataka, Meena –Girl child education with UNICEF and SSA, Karnataka, Right to Education Act, Karnataka, etc. Many of our initiatives have been scaled up at the state and national level and are recognized by the Education Dept. at the State level and MHRD at the national level and UNICEF. There is a constant focus on building sustainability in our programs, through involvement of the young people both within and outside the schools. Our work with the young people was recognized by UNESCO as a good intervention in South Asia, catering to learning and development needs of adolescents, in 2010.

After having worked for a decade on the enabling young people, our trustees decided to extend their commitment towards the young by starting Srusti Degree college, in 2011, with affiliation from Bangalore University. Meritorious students from economically disadvantaged and rural backgrounds are given scholarships to join the course. Our college aims to prepare the young as life-long learners, who can excel in their careers as innovative leaders and who can contribute to nation building as responsible citizens.

Our commitment towards students from economically disadvantaged and rural backgrounds, can be seen from the students who have joined our college.

  • Students belonging to SC/ST category - 31%
  • Students coming from Rural Areas - 55 %
  • Students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds, who are given scholarship - 31%


Srushti was established as an educational trust, in 2001, by like-minded people who are professionals from education, arts, social work and corporate backgrounds, who are committed to the education and development of young people.
The management of the college is by the Chairperson, Principal, faculty and an advisory team of experts.

Faculty - Our student faculty ratio – 15:1

The faculty at Srushti have a very exciting and challenging role to play in make the learning an integrated and transformational experience.
The professors play a key role in delivering a learning which is student centric. This will require the professors to create a participative and collaborative learning environment, which will encourage a more engaged student. More emphasis is placed on planning and designing a rigorous curriculum, which will be blended with real world Industry examples, for a meaningful learning experience. This will help students to integrate theory with practice and prepare them for their career.
Faculty will enable the student on a track of self-development, while providing the necessary mentoring, guidance and support in their academics and will also mentor students to guide them in their careers and prepare them for higher education.

Most of our faculty have an industry experience along with an academic background, which enables them to deliver an integrated learning experience for our students. We need faculty with high moral values, who are driven by a curiosity to know more than what they already know, a readiness to make connections with self, others and environment, a desire to enable every student to realise his/her unique potential with which they can contribute to make the world a better place to live.

Place & campus

Bangalore is a IT and Start-up capital of the country. Hence a great place to pursue your education and then your career. The weather of the place, is the most pleasant in the whole country, which makes Bangalore a most preferred place. Besides the cosmopolitan nature of the place, makes it congenial for holistic learning to take place.

Srushti Degree College is located in Marathahalli, outer Ring road, which is one of the main employment corridors of Bangalore, close to ITPL, White Field, Sarjarpur Road.

Leading companies such as EMC, Wells Fargo, Samsung, HP, JP Morgan and Cap-Gemini, etc, are located within close proximity. The central location offers great scope for students to get exposed to the new developments in the industry as well as placement opportunities in Bangalore. Campus